Genius Hour

My genius hour project is about doing my favorite thing, drawing. Drawing is really easy for me to do and it’s really fun too. What I’m going to be doing is draw portraits of people I know (like friends or family) and draw them in different drawing styles and techniques. I want to make at […]

Spring Break

To be completely honest, I did nothing really special on spring break.  My days were spent waking up in the afternoon, eating unhealthy foods,  calling my sister about her new apartment in Des Moines, napping, playing video games until 4 A.M, sleeping and doing the routine over again.(If you want to know what game I […]

Week 3: My Dad

 My dad was someone special to me that passed away, he was my best friend without a doubt.We did everything together, whether it was surprise trip to Adventure Land, or just a trip to the store. He was an amazing artist, and one of his inspirations was Bob Ross. He would prank his brother and […]


Chicken isn’t my favorite food, but it is a food I like a lot. You can make so many things with chicken. You can make chicken strips, chicken Alfredo, fried chicken, and so many more. You can get something with chicken in it basically anywhere. Chicken is also pretty healthy for you, not that I […]